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Notice here the tail section. The UA emblem cirlced in yellow, is seen BEHIND the tail, this makes it look like the tail section is broken.
They just had to get that UA emblem in the shot.
It should be hidden from view by the "wings" of the tail.
The other - similar photo found below of a real airliner, shows the emblem, in front of this tail "wing".

The most appaent anomaly is the 2 objects that are hanging off of the plane.
( the 2 small yellow circles are just antennas, this is normal)

What is not normal is those 2 objects. They are reflecting sunlight, and casting their own shadow !


Also on this pic above, notice how the right wing is flat to the cameras angle.
Now, look at the left (bottom) wing. It appears that this wing is on an angle, and not flat.
How could that be? These wings do have some ability to bend, but not this much.
You can also see this by the engine. The metal fin it bolts onto is visable hanging below the left wing, but not on the right, becuase it is straight on to the camera.
Also if you look at the video, you see that the plane is not banking hard enough to cause this.
Now, look at the tail fin. It is not flat to the camera ??!!



Now i know that the pictures may have been taken at a slightly different angle, but i dont think it was enough to make this wing ~10ft longer?

Note that the left or bottom wing is longer than the top or right wing. Think about it. If you look at something "head on" or flat, you get the full size of the object. If you look at someting on an angle, it seems smaller, not larger as seen here.

Take the conspiracy test...
Get your handy calipers out ... (every good conspiacy theorist needs some, you can use a ruler as well)
2) Size up each wing, be carefull to make sure that you use measure from where the fuselage meets the wing, both times (no cheating). Are the wings the same size? Which is longer?
3) Do the same for the real plane. (remember you actually have to add a small bit, or estimate, on the bottom wing, becuase the base, or wing root where the wing meets the plane is hidden from view).

My results were that the wings on the 911 plane did NOT match, the bottom wing is longer.
On the REAL plane, they are about the same, if one is longer, it would be the TOP wing.

Now, look at the image above and you can see the white line which is in the middle of the underbelly of the plane.

Here you can easily see the difference in the tail section.

OK lets discuss the UA paint job.
On the photo below, it appears that there is a white line,
 where the white line (in the paint job) should be
right ?

The angle at which the plane is tilted that paint job should be clear, but, it seems to be on the left side of the undebelly, as opposed to the middle where it should be.

Now, what i noticed was that the plane was not at a right angle to the building.
 I corrected the image to have the plane at a 90degree angle to the photo (not to the building)
Now i can insert the white lines where they should appear.

This is what i would think it should look like.

Below, is from Mr. Grossmanns page....

This shows dark and light portions of the planes undebelly  as opposed the the UA paint job.
Note on the photo below, the lighter portions on the underside go all the way to the nose.
This is NOT a UA paint scheme !

911 plane pod911 plane pod fight 175
This is taken from a video that aired on 9/11.
 Note the slim white line which is off-center and goes all the way to the nose !

letsroll911 photo and discussion

Now, i corrected the image to show the tower upright.

letsroll911 original photo

Now, its not an exact match, but imagine yourself where the pavel footage was taken. Is the photo above possible ?
There were 2 photos almost exactly the same, one is above, the other, and an analysis can be found at
Ghost gun 175

OK so this image above has the building "corrected.
 What the photographer would have seen before tilting the camera up to take the shot.
Using the small building at the bottom of the photo, we can determine this pic was taken from or near ground level.
Whats interesting here, is that the plane is giving us her full body width (wingspan).  The plane must not have been directly above the photographer, as it was at an angle on the way in.

flight 175 fake photo 9/11  pavel

Now, note the Pavel footage above right. This is a still frame from the video.
Do you see that white light it is heading toward? Something reflecting on top of a building right ?
The question is, where does the building end? the plane has to miss it, we know this of course, it hits the WTC rigtht?

pavel video footage
See the white light ?
See the plane heading downward? PAST IT ?

See Bush run ?

Remember, this building is in FRONT of the WTC ?



Notice NO white line in the middle of the planes underside, as a matter of fact, its the opposite.
The middle is darker.
object filtered flight 175 pod

This IS N612UA


911 photo flight 175 (in depth analysis of the best photo of any of the 911 planes.)
I created a page about one of the "best" photos of flight 175, just before it hit the tower.
it seems to me, this photo is a fake.

I created this in response to the rense article
screencapture Real 911 Science For PM - The ST Airliner Photo

Ghost gun 175 is a GREAT site, looking in detail to each of flight 175's photos and videos. something strange is going on here....

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 stills here...


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2nd plane from the right wtc 911


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